Monday, 4 June 2012


I've wanted to do a haul post for ages because I'm constantly shopping and always have loads of new things that I want to show. I never get the time to photograph anything because I work during the day and by the time I get home, it's not that light out any more and artificial lighting just makes everything photograph with an orange tinge :( butttttt.. I had a phonecall from my manager this morning, who told me to take the day off because the company had only just realised that everywhere in town was going to close early because it's a bank holiday (duh!) and that there wouldn't be much point of me coming in, woo! So without anything else planned for today, I grabbed all of my new bits and my camera :)

 I absolutely adore this perfume. I first bought it around three years ago when me and my ex boyfriend went on holiday to Turkey. I got it from the duty free shop, where it cost me about £40-45, I wore it everyday and was absolutely gutted when I finished it. I'm not one to spend a lot of money on perfumes, so I didn't even think about repurchasing it. So you can imagine how happy I was when I walked into TK Maxx yesterday and saw this 100ml bottle for £19.99! Half of the price that I paid for it a couple of years ago! I can't wait to start wearing it again because I used to receive so many compliments on it :)

Nothing particularly special here. Just antibacterial hand gel (a must have for any girls bag!) Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream in the shade 'Light', Natural Collection lipstick in the shade 'Apple Blossom', Blemish Stick, Face Wash and Night Treatment Gel.

I have so many shoes that I don't wear and my dad whinges everytime I buy a new pair because they're starting to take over the house! So I had a good sort out, threw loads of old ones out, gave a load away, so I thought I'd reward myself with A NEW PAIR OF SHOES! I've been lusting over these leopard print loafers for months now! - These sunglasses were actually from the men's section, but I had to get them! The style reminds me of Michael's sunglasses, from The Lost Boys (I love that film). - I've wanted an ear cuff for a while but they seemed to cost a bomb on any of the online stores that I'd seen them on, so I snapped this one up when I saw it in New Look yesterday! (All their jewellery was buy one get one free, but I let my sister chose something else). You can see a photo of me wearing it here.


Bit of a burgundy theme going on here..

In the second photo, the nude coloured skirt is actually one the sheer hi-lo styles, it was really hard to photograph! But you can see it on me here. - Apologies for the missing earrings in the set, but I wore them to work the other day and I think that I might have left them at my boyfriend's house because I can't find them anywhere! - I'm not massively keen on the glittery belt, but they came in a set of two and I needed the minty coloured one and I also love that the buckle is rose gold!

That's everything that I've bought so far this month. Quite bad actually, considering it's only the fourth.. oh god. I clearly have a problem.. :')

If there's anything that you'd like to see on, that I haven't shown in little links, then do let me know because sometimes things can look completely different on, to what they do folded up on top of a duvet haha.
Do leave a comment if there's anything that I've bought that you really liked because I'd love to know what you think!

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