Saturday, 23 July 2011



I've really been wanting my hair cut for a while, but I keep putting it off because I can't decide how I want to have it! I wanted a short bob sort of thing, but everyone told me not to because my hair is so long and 'lush' that it would be a shame to cut it all off. But when I think about just having it trimmed and thinned out, it just seems like such a boring option! :/


  1. If it's what you really want, I'd say go for it! Having hair cut short after it being really long always feels liberating. :)

  2. ooh I love the first cut, so cute :)
    I've also been thinking of chopping mine. especially after recently bleaching/damaging it.

  3. I do wish I had the guts to cut my hair short.. there are some great styles out there x

  4. I love the first haircut, like have it longer in the front and shorter in the back? and I mean, you'll never know if you prefer shorter hair or longer hair until you experiment. Just remember shorter hair you can't do as much (like curl it, braid it, things like that) but if you really want a change go for it! it always grows back :)

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  6. Love the second! Have you tried the folding your hair under and bobby pinning style? That way you can see whether you'll like yourself with shorter hair. Ohh if you do do it, donate your hair to a wig making cancer organisation. Sorry this comment sounds awfully bossy. x hivenn


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