Sunday, 26 June 2011

YES YES YES! I am so happy :)
I was really craving a hot chocolate during the walk to work the other morning cause it was quite chilly, but I had nothing that I could have taken it in (fuck carrying a flask around with me, for a little bit of hot chocolate..) and I was saying to Tony that I'd seen (SOMEWHERE) some really cool porcelain cups that you could get with silicon lids which keep the heat in and silicon grips so you don't burn your little hands. The only thing was, I couldn't remember where I'd seen them. I think it must have been on a gadget website, but I don't think the design of it was actually anything too special, so I didn't bother searching for them cause I didn't really want bland looking ones. 

So, I just happened to be looking through the homeware section on Urban Outfitters (I like looking at things that I could buy when I have my own place. Don't judge me!) and I came across one of the cups I'd been telling Tony about, and they have THE cutest patterns on them!

Personally, I am absolutely in love with the little green one, and I will DEFINITELY be buying one, come payday. Hello hot morning beverages!


  1. I Like the green one too (:
    I've just started a new blog, could you please follow me? I followed you too (:


  2. they are so cute and such a good idea xx


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