Tuesday, 21 June 2011

My boyfriend is already ruining my blogging!

I was actually going to do an outfit of the day today, but I was in such a hurry trying to get all of my things together cause I'm staying at his house, I never had the chance to. And only managed to throw on the first thing that I saw when I glanced into my (extremely messy) wardrobe.
Basically, what I'm wearing is, a white tshirt with thin black/navy (I can't really tell) stripes, a long white vest top underneath that, a denim jacket, black slouch socks and short military boots. So nothing too exciting, that would be worth photographing and blogging about.

On the bright side of things, this afternoon I was thinking about how many hours that I have worked this month and I've figured that I will be getting between £800-900 come payday. So I've had a look round some online stores (mostly at the summer sales) and have found some really gorgeous things to buy! (Although, when I visited the Topshop website, I managed to find four items (none of which being in the sale) which all came to just short of £80. oops.)

Just to make this post a decent length, I'm going to add the gorgeous bits that I'm going to be purchasing from Topshop as soon as I get paid!

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